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$2 Million Goal

Highlighted Naming Opportunities

We're well on our way to achieving our


Lions Pride Park will be a tremendous resource to the residents and businesses of Warrington Township – addressing current physical and environmental challenges and providing unique opportunities to improve quality of life and community engagement. Investment of $1,200,000 in improvements to the site will yield considerable community benefits over the next twenty years, creating a valuable public resource for widespread, intergenerational enjoyment.

In recognition of the generous gifts that make these transformations possible, the Campaign for Lions Pride Park will provide naming opportunities at gift levels ranging from $500 to $100,000 and will visibly thank all donors of $100 or more within the park.  For information about the campaign and naming opportunities, please contact Barry Luber, Warrington Township Manager at 215 343 9350 ext. 103.

Kids Mountain



The Grove



Nature Trail




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Accessible Trail Up Kids Mountain



Rentals Building

Later phase


Comfort Station




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Additional Naming Opportunities

Towers - $10,000 (each) - 1 Sold

Bridges - $10,000 (each)

Slides - $10,000 (each)

Dish Swings - $5,000 (each) - 1 Sold

Life-size Games - $5,000 (each)

Musical Instruments - $5,000 (each) - 3 Sold

Picnic Tables - $1,000 (each)

Hammocks - $  1,000 (each)

Adirondack Chairs - $500 (each)

How to Donate

All checks should be payable to Warrington Township Lions Pride and can be mailed to:


Lion Pride Park

CO/ Warrington Township

852 Easton Rd.

Warrington, PA 18976

All donors who give $100 or more will be recognized within the park.

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